Betta Fish Tanks

Betta Fish Tanks

Our Betta fish tanks

create the perfect environment for your Siamese fighting fish because they mimic the betta’s natural environment. These colorful creatures stem from Thailand, in the shallow waters surrounding rice patties. They are at home in warm, still waters. They are quite hardy and can thrive in waters between 70 and 85 degrees, but do not respond well to drastic changes in temperature. Make sure to place our betta fish tanks out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.

All of our beta fish aquariums are designed to show off the wondrous colors of your betta fish, fit into the decor of your home or office, and provide the healthiest abode for your betta pet.

My Betta Fish Kits

Our betta fish kits are designed for the beginning aquarist and come with everything needed to create an environment which will allow your betta to flourish so that you may enjoy your new friend for a long time. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get started with your new aquatic hobby. Our betta fish tanks are easy to set up and a cinch to clean and maintain. The only other thing you need to do is buy betta fish.

What comes with our Betta Fish Kits:

1. Elegant and easy to maintain betta fish tanks (we offer 2L kits and 3L kits)
2. Our betta fish tanks are offered with varying backdrops and deliver contemporary clean cubic lines.
3. Decorative accessories to complement your chic new tank: Natural gravel, river pebbles, and aquatic plants.
4. Nutrafin Max Betta food to get your betta fish off to a healthy start in his new home.
5. Nutrafin Betta Plus water conditioner to make the job of maintaining your betta fish aquariums and caring for your Siamese fighting fish that much easier.
6. A complete step by step betta fish care instructions guide.
7. Ongoing access to our betta experts at
8. A free subscription to our Road to Betta Health newsletter which delivers helpful tips and advice on how to care for your betta and how to prevent betta fish illness.

Betta Kits We offer

Zen 2 liter betta kit cube with black frame
Contemporary 2 Liter Betta Kit cube with white frame
The Girl’s 2 Liter Betta Kit cube
The Boy’s 2 Liter Betta Kit cube
Zen 3 Liter Betta kit cube
Contemporary 3 Liter Betta kit cube

Marina Betta Pals

Marina betta pals are the perfect way to introduce your child to caring for betta fish pets. There is no better way to teach responsibility to kids than to allow them to own and take care of their own pet. Because betta fish are so hearty and simple to care for, betta fish pets are a great place to start. Marina Betta Pals are the ideal way to foster childhood curiosity and generate responsibility in your junior aquarist.

Marina Betta Pals Include:

1. A 2L (half US gallon) plastic betta fish tanks with a hinged lid which offers great ventilation and prevents your new friend from jumping out. These betta fish aquariums are designed for to provide a maximum view so that you can enjoy your new betta pet from any angle.
2. Show and tell handles so that you can easily transport your new friend.
3. A 4 inch plastic aquatic plant and matching gravel to complete the backdrop of your pet’s new home.
4. Nutrafin Max Betta Food to get your betta fish off to a healthy start
5. Betta Plus Bowl Conditioner to help you keep your betta as beautiful as the day you got him.
6. Continual access to our Betta Experts at

Divided Betta Fish Tanks: Marina Betta Barracks

One of the realities of owning a Betta Fish is that they don’t get along well with others. They’re called fighting fish for a reason, they’re incredibly territorial and will fight with other bettas if they are in the same betta tank.

The Marina Betta Barracks is a safe and inexpensive way to inexpensively add betta fish to your larger aquarium and be able to enjoy them in the same environment as your other fish. The Betta Barracks. These betta fish tanks features clear dividing walls so the fish can see each other and allows you to display 4 Siamese Fighting fish side by side. The Marina Betta Barracks should be suctioned to the side walls of your aquarium near the top to allow the bettas to breathe air from the surface.

Secrets to Success

Road to Betta Health:

Our Road to Betta Health newsletter is designed to provide ongoing support and resources to help you care for your beta fish. Our experts will deliver health updates on betta fish diseases and how to prevent them. We’ll also offer you seasonal advice on what changes you should make to your betta tank environment with the changing of the seasons. Fill out our newsletter subscription and start to receive the most trusted Betta resource guide for free.

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I’ve always wanted to own a fighting fish, but thought they were too expensive and too much work. With your betta fish kit, which cost me less than one bag of food for my dog, I now have a beautiful crowntail betta fish sitting on my desk at work.

Thanks for making it easy!

Sarah, Boston