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Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned betta fish breeder, is your all in one resource for the most thorough beta fish care instructions, cutting edge betta products and unrivaled pricing. Within a few moments you will have found what you were looking for and be well on your way to enjoying your vibrantly healthy betta friend.

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We’ve been keeping pet owners and their pets happy for over 50 years. There are several reasons that we’ve enjoyed this unequaled longevity in the industry. First, we care about our client base and keeping you satisfied. Almost all of our clients are repeat customers (some of you have been with us since the beginning). Second, we care just as deeply about your pets. It’s really an easy formula: healthy beta fish equals happy clients.

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Our staff are accredited pet experts and leaders in the field of beta fish care and health, as well as how to guide owners in preventing betta illness. We have always realized that we wouldn’t be here without our devoted client base. That’s why we not only provide the best products, but free beta fish care instructions, advice and remedies to ensure that your beautiful fighting fish stays as healthy as the day you bought it. Check out our beta fish care FAQ section which answers most of the challenges that beta owners face.

My Betta Products

Siamese Fighting fish carry the somewhat undeserved reputation for being finicky pets. With the right environment and some loving care, keeping a vibrantly beautiful Siamese fighting fish is a breeze. The key to a healthy beta fish is making sure it’s surroundings are correct. Our company has carried out extensive testing to evaluate what situations, betta aquariums and products create the perfect betta environment.

The key components to a healthy environment are having the best betta tanks, perfectly balanced water, healthy beta food, symbiotic décor and remembering that they’re called fighting fish for a reason. However, the most important component is that you make sure that you buy beta fish that are healthy to begin with. Most beta fish for sale have not been cared for properly in the store which makes your job that much harder. Our stunning fighting fish are cared for by our trained betta experts and are guaranteed to arrive at your door in perfect health.


beta fish Kits


Betta Kits: Our betta kits include everything you’ll need to get started caring for your beautiful fighting friend. All of our kits contain a beta fish aquarium, striking backgrounds, beta food, and water conditioner. The only thing left is to buy beta fish.

Kids Betta Kits: Betta fish are the most beautiful fish and are easy to care for, making them the perfect pet for a junior aquarist. Our line of kids betta kits have everything needed to get a child started and included a step by step guide of how to care for their new pet responsibly.

Betta tanks: Our betta fish aquariums and betta cubes are all sold separately as well. They are designed to be a dramatic backdrop for your colorful friend and are very inexpensive, making them very appealing to the novice aquarists out there.

Divided betta tanks: One of the primary beta fish facts that you have to remember is that they are fighting fish and are incredibly territorial. As such, you cannot place more than one of them in the same tank (unless you have a large and well designed aquarium). Our divided betta tanks have solved this problem. Now our clients can enjoy multiple fighting fish in one tank at a fraction of what other custom divided tanks cost.

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If you didn’t find your betta answer yet, try our beta fish care FAQ. Every time we get a new question from a client we post the question and answer in our betta FAQ. Hopefully you’ll find the answer to your question there as well.

Road to Betta Health


Our Road to Betta Health newsletter is designed to provide ongoing support and resources to help you care for your beta fish. Our experts will deliver health updates on betta fish diseases and how to prevent them. We’ll also offer you seasonal advice on what changes you should make to your betta tank environment with the changing of the seasons. Fill out our newsletter subscription and start to receive the most trusted Betta resource guide for free.

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There are a lot of tips I could give you to diagnose beta fish diseases. However, the best method of prevention is to make sure that your betta is swimming in healthy conditions. Do a full tank change every week and ladle out 500 ml of water every few days and replace it with bottled water (free of chlorine). This little bit of tank maintenance will dras read more
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When Charly had another case of Betta Ick, your betta experts convinced me to switch to the Nutrafin food. Since then, I’ve never seen another trace of Ick in any of my bettas. Thank you so much for the great tip, it really worked.

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