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Why buy betta fish online? When you buy bettas from your live betta fish is guaranteed to arrive at your door in perfect health. Our betta experts care for all of our bettas for sale, feed them the best betta fish food and keep them in the best betta fish tanks available.

Don not buy betta fish anywhere else. The lifespan of betta fish is drastically affected by the conditions it lives under in the first few months of its life. When you see bettas for sale at your local pet store, you have no idea who was breeding the betta fish and under what conditions. Don’t make that mistake when you buy aquarium fish.

Money Back Guarantee

At we are so confident that we offer the healthiest and most beautiful betta fish for sale that we offer a money back guarantee. When you buy bettas off our site, if you are not 100 percent satisfied – give us a call and we’ll take our betta back for a full refund.

Breeding Conditions

This is the biggest mystery when buying betta fish online. You have no idea about their breeding conditions or where they come from. Our betta fish for sale are all raised by our certified betta experts. Yes, the same ones that write our Road to Betta Health newsletter. They know exactly how to create the perfect betta breeding conditions to ensure that your betta starts out their life on the right fin. You can feel satisfied that you bought a betta that has been fed the best betta fish food and raised in the best betta fish tank available.

Buy Female Betta Fish

Finding female betta fish for sale is usually very difficult as most vendors only carry their more vibrant male counterparts. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to find female betta fish. Whether you’d like to try breeding betta fish or would just like to have a female betta in your tank, you’ll find them for sale at Take a look at the selection of female betta fish that we carry.

Buy Male Betta Fish

Most people who keep bettas as pets are looking for male betta fish. The main reason being that male betta have much more vibrant colors and have substantially longer fins as well. There are so many different types and colors of bettas that it’s hard to count. Take a look at our selection of Male Fighting fish.

Types of Betta Fish for Sale

You can classify bettas by color, color patterns, or tail and fin patters. Check out our complete inventory line for photos and information.

Common Colors: red bettas, black bettas, steel blue bettas, green bettas, yellow bettas, turquoise bettas, royal blue bettas, apricot bettas, albino bettas, white bettas, opaque pastel bettas, chocolate bettas, orange bettas, lavender bettas.

Color Patterns: Wild patterned bettas, solid colored bettas, bi-colored bettas, striped bettas, Cambodian bettas, Butterfly patterned bettas, Variegated bettas, tri-colored stripes or butterflies bettas, marbled bettas, multicolored bettas and speckled bettas.

Betta Tail and Fin Types: Round tailed bettas, Veil tail bettas, double-tail bettas, Heart tail bettas, Delta Tail bettas, Half Moon bettas, Comb tail bettas and Crown tail bettas.

Buy Betta Fish Tank

If you’re looking for betta fish for sale make sure you have a good betta fish tank. We carry high quality, inexpensive betta tanks and betta kits that will create a healthy environment for your new friend.

Betta Fish Care FAQ

Have a question about buying betta fish online or caring for your new betta. Check out our betta fish care FAQ section where you’ll find the answers to all the most common questions and concerns about betta care.

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The biggest factor affecting a betta fish lifespan is the conditions it faced in the first few weeks of life. When you buy betta fish make sure to ask questions about the breeder’s methods and how they breed aquarium fish. Read more about how to buy aquarium fish
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Buy Betta Fish online

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