Betta Fish Lifespan

Top Five ways to Increase your Betta Fish Lifespan

Want to increase your betta fish lifespan? You’ve come to the right place. Five quick and easy ways to keep your rumble fish healthy and disease-free.

Fighting fish live approximately 2–5 years in captivity. It is more than likely though that they will live between 2 to 3 years. It is rare that they exceed 4 years. Here is our expert’s top five pieces of advice on how to push the envelope.

1) Clean the Betta Tank Regularly: Most betta fish diseases are a result of a dirty tank. This can be easily avoided using a couple of different methods.

First, try using Nutrafin Betta Plus Tap Water Conditioner for Bettas. This makes tap water safe for your fighting fish. In addition, it also helps your rumble fish heal from any scrapes or other exterior damages and thus increasing your betta fish lifespan.

Second, always inspect your tank regularly (every couple of days). This will keep you ahead of any possible problems. Also you will notice when the tank is ready for a good cleaning before it has done any damage to your betta.

2) Do Not Over Feed Your Betta: You may think that you are being generous but you are in fact hurting your friend. Over feeding can lead to a number of problems, the most common being a bladder disorder.

Our expert’s recommend Nutrafin Max Betta Color Enhancing Flakes. They endorse this product because it contains all of the foods that your betta would have hunted for in the wild. The convenience of the Nutrafin Flakes is that you are told exactly how much to feed your rumble fish, thus never over feeding.

3) Do Not Feed Your Betta Live Food: Betta fish dropsy, the most fatal of the betta fish diseases can be caused by feeding your rumble fish live food. Again, our expert’s recommend Nutrafin Max Betta Color Enhancing Flakes. For the reasons mentioned above, it is the safest and easiest way to feed your fighting fish.

4) Tank Ornaments: Bettas are finicky fish. The safest and easiest tank ornaments to put in your aquarium are artificial ones specially designed for fighting fish. Our expert’s recommend ornaments that range from decorative gravel to artificial bamboo shoots. These ornaments perfectly mimic the natural habit of the betta fish without the risk of endangering its health.

5) Water Temperature: The ideal temperature for the water is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Rumble fish are tropical fish that need warmer water. If the water temperature is too cold the betta will become sluggish and its colors will fade.

Water temperature has a profound effect on your betta fish lifespan. Be sure to check your aquarium thermometer regularly.

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There are a lot of tips I could give you to diagnose betta fish diseases. However, the best method of prevention is to make sure that your betta is swimming in healthy conditions. Do a full tank change every week and ladle out 500 ml of water every few days and replace it with bottled water (free of chlorine). This little bit of tank maintenance will read more
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I used to have sick bettas all the time. I finally realized that what you say about changing the water is true. Since I started changing water every week and doing partial changes with bottled water, my betta has never been happier or healthier.

Linda, Manchester England