Treatment of Sick Betta Fish

Treatment for a Sick Betta Fish

Do you have a sick betta fish? Here is a list of the most common betta fish diseases and the best treatment options as determined by our team of experts.

1) Fungal Infection: You have noticed the pale patches on his body and head. This can be treated quite easily. Clean water and any type of fungus eliminator will do the trick. If caught early, your fighting fish will make a full recovery.

2) Tail Rot / Fin Rot: This is possibly the most common of the rumble fish diseases. You have noticed the fins and tail getting shorter. Change the water in your aquarium and scald the bowl to get rid of any hardy parasites. Treat the water with Betta Plus Water Conditioner and Ampicillin.

Change the water every few days. Your betta’s recovery will often take upwards of a month. The fins and tail of your sick betta will likely grow back and be beautiful once again.

3) Betta Ick: Betta ick is a parasite. You have noticed white dots all over your betta fish. This can be treated with Aquarisol. We also recommend that you change the water in the tank and give the aquarium a good cleaning before you put your rumble fish back in its home.

Remember, this parasite is very contagious. Wash your hands carefully after you handle anything that has come into contact with your sick betta fish.

4) Betta Velvet: Betta velvet is another parasite. You have noticed that your rumble fish looks like it has been sprayed with gold dust. This can be treated with Bettazing. Again, our experts also recommend that you change the water in the tank and give the aquarium a good cleaning before you put your previously sick betta fish back in its home.

5) Betta Popeye: Betta popeye is a bacterial infection. You have noticed that your betta fish has a bulging eye. Like most of the most common betta diseases, it’s usually caused by dirty water in the tank. It can be treated with ampicillin and again, make sure to clean the tank regularly.

6) Betta Dropsy: This is the most serious of betta fish diseases and can be fatal. This is the worst of the bacterial infections. The result of betta dropsy is fluid building up under the skin, resulting in raised scales and a bloated appearance of your betta fish.

The infection is usually caused by feeding your betta live food. To prevent betta dropsy start using Nutrafin Betta Max Food. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a cure or a treatment for Dropsy betta fish. We recommend that you keep your fighting fish in clean water and on rare occasions, they will recover.

7) Betta Parasites: This is also usually caused by feeding live food to your betta. Remember that most of the live food that you find contains an internal parasite that you’ll be in effect feeding to your previously healthy fighting fish. We recommend that you stick to Nutrafin betta max foods. These foods have been designed specifically for domesticated rumble fish. Again, keep the water clean and hopefully your betta will recover.

8) Betta fish swim bladder disorder: You will notice your betta fish having trouble swimming. This is caused by over feeding your betta fish. Remember to only feed your betta what he can eat in 30 seconds to a minute. Our experts recommend that you try using Nutrafin betta max foods. You are less likely to over feed your fighting fish if you use the guidelines laid out with this line of foods.

9) Betta Inflamed Gills: You will notice that your sick betta fish has inflamed gills that are red on the inside. They will appear to be gasping for breath. Treat the water with Betta Plus Water Conditioner and Ampicillin. Also, be sure to do a full water change every couple of days.

Using the pictures of sick betta fish to identify a betta illness is definitely the easiest way to make sure that you are on the right track when you go to treat a betta fish disease. This will also save you from spending outrageous amounts of money by bringing your betta to the vet.

If you have any questions about treatment options, please feel free to contact us via email or using our toll free number at the top of the page. Our experts are always ready to help you and your betta.

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There are a lot of tips I could give you to diagnose betta fish diseases. However, the best method of prevention is to make sure that your betta is swimming in healthy conditions. Do a full tank change every week and ladle out 500 ml of water every few days and replace it with bottled water (free of chlorine). This little bit of tank maintenance will read more
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I used to have sick bettas all the time. I finally realized that what you say about changing the water is true. Since I started changing water every week and doing partial changes with bottled water, my betta has never been happier or healthier.

Linda, Manchester England