Aquarium Fish Compatibility

The Truth about Aquarium Fish Compatibility

If you are looking for the truth about aquarium fish compatibility, then you have come to the right place. Here are seven quick facts about what can coexist with your betta fish.

  1. If you have a large enough betta fish aquarium, you can keep more than one rumble fish in this tank.
  2. Better yet, if you have a divided tank that is specially made to accommodate more than one fighting fish, this solves your problem instantly.
  3. A betta friend needs to be something that is not territorial. This is very important so it will have no wish to fight with your betta.
  4. Betta tank mates can’t be nippy either. You don’t want to see that your betta is missing hunks of its beautiful fins. In addition to that, this can lead to fin rot!
  5. Rumble fish tank mates must like the same water conditions as your betta fish. They should be a tropical fish that like warm, slow moving water. Remember, fighting do not use filters in the tanks.
  6. Our experts agree that slow moving bottom dwellers make the best betta fish friends.
  7. You can also add an array of aquarium plants or cultured gravel that will add to the visual appeal of your aquarium without damaging your betta fish.

Aquarium Fish Compatibility: What the Experts are saying

Betta fish are probably the most challenging aquarium fish to find companions for. So far, the best solution has been the divided tanks that allow your rumble fish to face off against one another without actually fighting.

It has also been suggested that if you are interested in augmenting the beauty of your aquarium, sometimes it is easier with betta fish to just add non-living objects to the tank. Most betta fish owners are in love with the color of their rumble fish. Using the right aquarium gravel and aquatic plants can do this without endangering your fighting fish. Remember to only use plants that won’t make your bettas sick!

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Caring for a betta fish is very simple. With a little love and a few simple betta care instructions your betta will live a long and happy life.


Here are ten betta fish facts that will help you to expertly care for your betta. Read our top 10 betta tips

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