Betta Fish Fight

The Betta Fish Fight: Let’s Rumble!

As you can see in the betta fish fight slide show, rumble fish are definitely fighting fish! In fact, if you even attempt to place two male betta fish in the same undivided aquarium you will have an instant battle on your hands.

In addition, the male betta fish will even attack a female betta fish if the mood strikes it. Obviously, this can make breeding your bettas quite a challenge. So why all the hostility?

Why Bettas Fight

Betta fish fight because they are probably the most territorial aquarium fish in most pet stores. While some aquarium pets will fight with other species, male bettas will attack each other.

In their natural habitat, the rice paddies of Thailand, male bettas protect their little section of the paddy with the ferocity of a lion. They will attack any of their own kind that comes within what they deem to be their territory.

Amazingly, this is a natural characteristic that has not been bred out of tame betta fish. If you put two male bettas in the same undivided tank, more than likely you will have a betta fish fight within seconds. With some bettas, this may be avoided by using an extremely large aquarium, but male bettas have been known to fight even in ten gallon tanks.

Male betta fish will also fight will female bettas. The only time you should put them together in the same tank is when you’re trying to breed betta fish. Even then, make sure you read up on all the steps needed to prepare your breeding betta fish.

Who is the King of the Rumble Fish?

The Plakat Betta Fish is generally considered to be the best fighter of the fighting bettas. The Plakat is the least spectacular looking of the most common betta fish, but probably the most agile.

Its short fins and stream lined body allow it to move through the water with speed and ease. The shorter fins also make it harder to attack as it takes up less volume than most other bettas.

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Caring for a betta fish is very simple. With a little love and a few simple betta care instructions your betta will live a long and happy life.


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