Baby Betta Fish

Baby Betta Fish Necessities

Here are the four baby betta fish necessities you’ll need to start breeding betta fish and start raising baby bettas of your own.

1. Large betta fish tank
2. Healthy male betta fish
3. Healthy female betta fish
4. Betta Fish food

Baby Betta Fish Care

Baby bettas need to be cared for a little differently than adult bettas. After one or two days in the male betta’s bubble nest, the betta fish eggs will hatch into betta fry. These baby bettas need to stay in the bubble nest for another day or two while their gills fully develop so they can breathe on their own and swim around the tank by themselves.
The male betta fish should be removed from the tank at this point and put into his own betta fish bowl. The reason for this is that male bettas have a tendency to eat all of the betta fish fry that they just worked so tirelessly to produce.

As baby bettas develop their labyrinth organ, they will start to breathe outside air from the top of the tank. Try to keep a cover over the tank for the first couple weeks; if the air temperature is too cold they can develop pneumonia.

Feeding baby Bettas

Feeding your baby betta fish for the first two weeks is a little tricky. In the wild, baby bettas eat all kinds of microscopic organisms that occur naturally in the ponds where they live. When you’re breeding bettas, you need to provide suitable substitutes for your baby bettas. You can feed them microworms or brine shrimp eggs for the first few weeks of their lives.

Another breeding betta fish trick that you can use is to create your own microscopic protozoa for the baby bettas to eat. To do so, take a 9 inch pie plate full of water and add an ounce of organic material (grass or garden clippings). Place the dish in direct sunlight and after a few days, you’ll notice the water starts to look a little gruesome. You’ve created your own pond, full of microscopic food! Take a few tablespoons of your pond water and add it to the betta fish tank with your baby betta fish. This will give them something to feed on.

Baby bettas need to eat several times a day and can starve in just a few hours. Make sure to give them constant care during the first couple weeks.

Your Baby Betta Fish Getting Bigger

After about two weeks you can start to feed your baby bettas powdered Nutrafin Betta Max food. Just crush the flakes and add little bits to the water. Remember to clear away any uneaten food one minute after feeding (just like you do with your adult bettas). Baby bettas don’t have a very large appetite so be careful how much food you add to the tank. You should also change 20 percent of the water each day so their environment doesn’t get too cloudy and unhealthy for them. This step is especially important as it’s very difficult to do a full water change when you have a tank full of baby bettas.

Adolescent Betta Fish

After 6 to 8 weeks, you can start to treat your baby bettas the same way you treat you adult betta fish. Start feeding them full flakes of food and move them into their own betta fish tanks.

Buy food for Baby Betta Fish

Baby betta fish need to eat microscopic organisms that are found in pond water. To produce your own betta pond water, add organic material to a shallow dish of water. Leave it in direct sunlight for a couple days. You can now harvest water from your “pond” and add it to your betta tank. Read more about how to breed betta fish.
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Caring for Baby Bettas

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