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If you are looking for female betta fish, then you have come to the right place. These girls are hard to find at your local pet store. In fact, most people have only ever seen a male betta fish because they are more spectacular looking than the females.

Fortunately, we can hook you up with one of the female variety. You probably are looking to start breeding your male fighting fish. Here are five quick need-to-knows about the female rumble fish.

1) Mating can be Hazardous: Although a tank of females might fight amongst themselves in order to establish a pecking order, a male fighting fish might attack the female before the mating even begins. If the male does not seem to be “into it”, get your female rumble fish out of his tank before he attacks.

2) A Bad Mother: The female betta fish will try to eat her own eggs after she has laid them. This is due to the fact that she is exhausted and starving after producing them. Never mind the reason though; you will want to get her out of the breeding tank shortly after she is finishing excreting eggs.

3) Get Her Out of There: In addition to her being a menace to her betta fish eggs, she is also her own worst enemy. If she goes after the eggs, the male fighting fish is going to attack her. She is not going to put up much of a fight as she is weakened from laying her eggs. We recommend that you remove her immediately after she is done spawning.

4) Daddy Daycare: It is actually the male rumble fish that cares for the babies. It is the male that makes the bubble nest where they go from eggs to fry. The larvae remain in the nest for just a few days and will begin free-swimming in less than two weeks. The mother must remain absent as nature dictates that this is for the male to take care of.

5) Choosing a Female: Remember that when you choose your female betta fish, you are choosing half of your offspring’s genetic code. In other words, don’t just pick any old female to breed with your male. Look closely at the colors and body shape you want your next generation of betta fish to have. Half of these desirable features will come from your female.

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One of the most difficult aspects of buying betta fish is what type of betta is for you. Deciding on your favorite color and pattern is a good start. My first suggestion is to look at as many betta fish pictures as you can to figure out what you like. Also, keep in mind that bettas are much more active when they can see other bettas. When you put another betta next to them read more
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