Betta Fish Colors

Look at your Favorite Betta Fish Colors

If you want to see the latest betta fish colors, you have come to the right place. Look at our slide show of beautiful rumble fish and pick out your favorite betta.

Ever notice that no two betta fish look alike? Whether you are looking for solid color fighting fish or patterned bettas, you will see them all right here. These our some of our experts favorite rumble fish; what are yours?

Solid Color Betta Fish: These are actually very uncommon these days. Since it has become rare to see them cross-bred, a solid betta fish is getting increasingly difficult to find at your local pet store.

Typically, most people who buy betta fish want a colorful fighting fish. The more colors, the better. Although rare, common betta fish colors for a solid betta include yellow, blue, red, white, turquoise and green.

Bi-Colored Betta Fish: This variety has a solid colored body and different colored fins. The most common bi-colored bettas are the Chocolate Bettas. They have a dark body and fins that can be yellow or orange.

The Cambodian is often bi-colored as well. Cambodians have a fleshy toned body. Their fins can be red, blue or green. The bi-colored fighting fish are amongst the most popular selling rumble fish for the home aquarist.

Patterned Betta Fish: Very beautiful and rare, these are the most sought after betta fish and the hardest to find. If you find one of these, take extra special care of it. If possible, you will want to breed it.

Do not confuse them with multicolored bettas. Patterned betta fish are multicolored, but their colors are carried out in a distinctive pattern. These patterned rumble fish display stripes, marbled or a butterfly pattern.

Multicolored Betta Fish: These fighting fish have splashes of color with no distinctive pattern. You can find multicolored bettas in just about every color of the rainbow.

When you decide to buy a rumble fish, take some time and figure out exactly what betta fish colors you like best. In addition, check to see if the betta fish slightly changes colors when it gets agitated.

Male Betta Fish: It is the males that are usually what you see in betta fish pictures. The reason; they have more vibrant colors than the female bettas. This is common in most animal species (except humans). The males need to be distinctive and more colorful to attract a mate.

Crown Tail Betta Fish: The Crown Tail bettas are perhaps the most beautiful fighting fish. Crown Tails have been bred to have extremely colorful tails. These tails come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

The one tell-tale sign of a Crown Tail are the points on its rear fins that resemble the points of a crown. Crown Tail Bettas have also been bred to be more aggressive than other types of rumble fish. It is therefore recommended to be careful of the betta tank mates you choose for this fighting fish.

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One of the most difficult aspects of buying betta fish is what type of betta is for you. Deciding on your favorite color and pattern is a good start. My first suggestion is to look at as many betta fish pictures as you can to figure out what you like. Also, keep in mind that bettas are much more active when they can see other bettas. When you put another betta next to them read more
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Your favorite Betta Fish Colors

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