Crowntail Betta Fish

The Best of the Crowntail Betta Fish

If you are looking for crowntail betta fish, then you have come to the right place. The crown tail is the most popular betta fish for a reason…they’re really cool!

Beautiful to look at, great fighters, and loaded with personality, this is the betta fish for you. Here are five things that you want to know about the most loved rumble fish on the planet.

1) What’s in a Name: This fighting fish gets its name from the distinctive look of its rear fin. The points on the fin resemble the points on a crown. When this betta swims around the tank, its rear fin makes it look like royalty.

2) Colors: It’s hard to say why, but the colors of this rumble fish seem to be brighter and more distinctive than other betta fish. You will notice that the tails have especially beautiful colors and patterns. These bettas also come in multicolored patterns.

3) Shapes and Sizes: One of the things that have made the crowntail betta fish so popular is that they come in the largest variety of shapes and sizes. While the rear fin maintains it crown-like shape, the body and the other fins can vary. Also, the male crown tail is always larger and more beautiful than their female counterparts.

4) Ready to Fight: Be careful with this betta. This fighting fish is always ready to rumble. Generally more aggressive than other bettas, the crown tail must have been something to see in its natural habitat.

If you would like to see its ‘game face’, put a mirror up to its tank. The betta fish will puff up its gills when it sees its own reflection. You can see its aggressive nature without endangering your betta.

5) Naming your Betta: Crown tails have been known to have some of the most creative names. This is because they have the most quirky personalities of all the bettas. Some people have named them after famous royals because of their crown-like rear fin. Others have named them after family members that they remind them of. Get to know your rumble fish before you commit to a name.

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