Chinese Fighting Fish

Chinese Fighting Fish Ready to Rumble

If you are looking for action pictures of Chinese fighting fish, you have come to the right place. Bettas are highly emotional and very photogenic. Watch the slide show to see some of the most interesting betta fish pictures online.

What is it about fighting fish that makes them so intriguing? They have personality, plain and simple. Here are our top five rumble fish most interesting facts.

1) Sex and Violence: Two of the most photographed betta fish behaviors are fighting and mating. In both cases, we get to see the rumble fish with their gill covers all puffed out.

Both the males and females will try to make themselves larger to either intimidate or impress the other fish. How do we know when they want to be lovers or fighters?

2) Changing their Stripes: Watch the females carefully. If you see their stripes appear to be horizontal, they are frightened or agitated. This means that they are not interested in breeding, but more likely they are ready to fight.

If the stripes however are vertical, you have a female that is interesting in mating. This can induce a positive response from the male. This is important to see before you go ahead and start trying to breed your bettas. Males have been known to attack females if they feel threatened by their presence.

3) Hamming it up: Chinese fighting fish have been know to be camera hogs. It is not that they know they are being photographed, but they are very aware of what is going on outside of their tank.

Many betta fish owners have confessed that they feel that their rumble fish watch them the same way they watch their bettas. This connection between pet and owner explains why betta owners are very loyal to this variety fish.

4) Betta Fish Colors: Chinese fighting fish have colors that can add to the décor of a room. You can easily find a betta fish color that complements your good taste in aquarium arrangement.

Using the right accessories, like plants and gravel, you can really bring out the natural colors of your fighting fish. If you have any pictures that you are especially proud, please send them along to us, and we would be happy to display them (with your name on them) in one of slide shows.

5) The Carnivore: Experienced rumble fish owners will feed their bettas live food. This is not recommended for the first time fighting fish owner as it can be tricky. Some of the most dangerous betta fish diseases come from feeding practices.

In the wild, Chinese fighting fish will eat the larvae of insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, crickets, and grasshoppers. Bettas also like blood worms and shrimp. They are usually the main ingredients in most commercial betta fish pellets.

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One of the most difficult aspects of buying betta fish is what type of betta is for you. Deciding on your favorite color and pattern is a good start. My first suggestion is to look at as many betta fish pictures as you can to figure out what you like. Also, keep in mind that bettas are much more active when they can see other bettas. When you put another betta next to them read more
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Chinese Fighting Fish in Action

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